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Welcome to "A to Z option" for a new fresh information.With the help of the free online store Dukaan, small enterprises and entrepreneurs may quickly set up and run their own online store. Without any technical expertise or coding abilities, you can rapidly set up your store with Dukaan, add products, and begin selling online.


Dukaan's simplicity is one of its most alluring features. Everyone may access the platform because it is simple to use and navigate. In a matter of minutes, you can start building your store and adding products. You may make your store appear polished and professional without hiring a designer thanks to the multitude of customisable templates that Dukaan offers.

The ability to offer both physical and digital goods makes Dukaan versatile and adaptable to a wide range of businesses, which is yet another fantastic feature. You may quickly add your product's pictures, videos, descriptions, and even different options like size and colour. Dukaan also incorporates with well-known payment gateways, enabling you to start processing orders and receiving payments right immediately.

In addition to the fundamental functions, Dukaan provides a variety of tools, such as analytics, email marketing, and social media integration, to assist you in managing and expanding your business. You may build and send email campaigns to your consumers, as well as monitor your sales and customer behaviour.

One fantastic aspect of Dukaan is that using it is totally free. Small firms and entrepreneurs can afford it because there are no monthly fees or hidden costs.

To sum up, Dukaan is a useful tool for anyone wishing to launch an online business without any technological expertise. It's a great choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs because it's simple to use, adaptable, and totally free. With Dukaan, you may quickly start selling online and expanding your business.

How do I start Dukaan?

Dukaan is simple and basic to start. The actions you can take to get started are listed below:

1. Visit the Dukaan website (www.dukaan.com) and click on the "Get started" button.

2. By providing your email address and a password, create an account. A Google or Apple account can also be used to register.

3. After registering for an account, you will be asked to establish your first store. To give your store a polished and professional design, you may select from a range of customised layouts.

4. You can start adding products to your store once you've selected a template. You can submit pictures, videos, descriptions, and even numerous variations of your products, such size and colour.

5. You can change the parameters for your store, such as the store name, store address, and payment gateway, once you've added your products.

6. After completing the above steps, your store will be live and prepared to begin taking orders.

7. You may utilise Dukaan's analytics and email marketing tools to run your shop and keep tabs on your sales.

8. It is that easy. Your own online store may be up and running quickly with Dukaan.

How much does Dukaan charge?

The basic version of Dukaan can be used for nothing. You won't have to pay anything to open and maintain your online store, add products, or start taking orders.

Dukaan also has a premium version, known as Dukaan Pro. Additional features available include inventory management, shipping, GST connection, discounts, promotions, and many more. The cost of Dukaan Pro varies according to the quantity of goods in your store and the payment schedule you select. For further details, visit the pricing page on the Dukaan website.

Although Dukaan is free overall, there may be expenses associated with using specific features, such as shipping or payment gateway fees. Furthermore, even though Dukaan interacts with well-known payment processors like Stripe and Razorpay, these gateways could potentially charge transaction fees.

In conclusion, Dukaan is free to use for the basic version, while Dukaan Pro, which requires a monthly fee, offers extra functionality.

How do I sell on Dukan?

How Dukan works

It's straightforward and easy to sell on Dukaan. Here is a description of the platform's operation:

1. Set up your store and create an account: Before you can begin selling on Dukaan, you must first create a store and an account. To give your store a clean and professional appearance, you may select from a choice of templates that are fully editable.

2. Add products: After setting up your store, you may begin adding products. You can post descriptions, videos, and photographs of your products, as well as different options like size and colour.

3. Customize settings: After adding your products, you can change your store's settings, such as the name, address, and payment processor.

4. When you have finished the above procedures:  your store will be live and prepared to begin receiving orders. Customers can explore your products, put them in their shopping carts, and then pay using the preferred payment gateway.

5. Manage and track your sales: To assist you in managing and tracking your sales, Dukaan provides analytics and email marketing solutions. You may develop and send email campaigns, view your sales and customer statistics, and link social media networks.

6. Complete orders: After receiving an order, you must complete it by sending the purchased item to the buyer or making the digital download available to them.

7. Receive payment: Dukaan interacts with well-known payment processors like Stripe and Razorpay, making it simple for you to process payments and collect money for your transactions.

In conclusion, Dukaan is an intuitive and simple-to-use platform that enables you to set up and manage your own online store, add products, and begin selling with only a few clicks. It provides a range of tools, including analytics and email marketing, to assist you in managing and expanding your firm.

How is Dukaan different from Shopify?

Both Dukaan and Shopify are e-commerce platforms that let companies and business owners set up and run their own online stores. But there are some significant variations between the two:

1. User-friendliness: Dukaan is made to be easy and intuitive so that anyone can use it, even those without technical expertise or programming knowledge. On the other side, Shopify is more capable and has more sophisticated features, which can make it more difficult for beginners to use.

2. Cost: The basic version of Dukaan is totally free to use, whereas Shopify gives a 14-day free trial before charging a monthly subscription cost. While Dukaan simply levies a transaction fee on its pro version, Shopify levies additional transaction costs.

3. Functionality: While both platforms have comparable capabilities like product management, analytics, and payment gateway integration, Shopify has more sophisticated features like inventory management, shipping and tax options, and other things. On the other side, Dukaan is more concerned with usability, and the features of its free edition are more constrained.

4. Customization: Shopify gives you more control over the appearance and feel of your store by allowing you to alter the code and add custom plugins, among other customization possibilities. On the other side, Dukaan has fewer customization choices but still lets you personalise your store using pre-made themes.

5. Target Audience: Shopify is more adaptable and ideal for a larger range of enterprises, including large and established firms, whereas Dukaan is more focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, both Dukaan and Shopify are excellent e-commerce systems; nevertheless, their target markets are distinct. While Shopify is a more sophisticated platform that offers more functionality and customization possibilities, making it suited for a larger range of enterprises, Dukaan is a free and user-friendly platform that is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How does Dukaan make money

Dukaan generates revenue from its paid edition, Dukaan Pro. A subscription-based service called Dukaan Pro offers a variety of extra capabilities, including inventory management, shipping, GST integration, discounts, and promotions. The cost of Dukaan Pro varies according to how many products you have in your store and which payment option you use. Customers have the option of paying annually or monthly.

Additionally, a small portion of each transaction done with Dukaan Pro is deducted by Dukaan to cover payment gateway costs. This is a standard practise among e-commerce platforms because it helps to defray the costs of receiving and processing transactions.

Additional services provided by Dukaan that are solely accessible to Dukaan Pro subscribers, such as email marketing and social media integrations, help the company make money.

The Dukaan basic edition is fully free to use and does not impose any costs, it is crucial to mention.

In conclusion, Dukaan generates revenue by charging subscription fees for its paid version, Dukaan Pro, by keeping a tiny share of the proceeds from transactions completed through Dukaan Pro, and by providing extra services to Pro users including email marketing and social media integrations.

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