Luxurious Ganga Vilas cruise route and fare

Welcome to A to Z option, The Ganga Vilas cruise is an opulent way to discover India's stunning Ganges River. During their voyage, passengers can take advantage of a number of services and activities on board this luxurious cruise ship.

There are 45 spacious and luxurious cabins on the ship, each with modern conveniences including air conditioning, private bathrooms, and televisions. The several types of accommodations available to guests include deluxe cabins, suites, and presidential suites.

The dining experience is one of the attractions of the Ganga Vilas cruise. The ship has a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers a selection of delectable delicacies, including as traditional Indian food and global favourites. The restaurant is suited for all dietary requirements because it provides a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

For visitors' enjoyment, the Ganga Vilas cruise also provides a range of activities and entertainment opportunities. Along with a library and a lounge area, the ship offers a spa, a swimming pool, and a fitness facility. Additionally, visitors can attend yoga and meditation sessions and take in cultural performances and live music.

Additionally, shore excursions are offered on the voyage, allowing passengers to discover the rich history and culture of the Ganges River's towns and cities. These trips offer opportunities to learn about regional customs and traditions as well as visits to temples, monuments, and other historic sites.

Overall, taking a cruise on the Ganges River in India is a wonderful opportunity to explore its natural beauty and rich culture. With its opulent lodgings, mouthwatering eating options, and variety of activities and entertainment, it is certain to give visitors a memorable and delightful trip.

Top 10 facilities in Ganga Vilas cruise ship

1. Luxurious cabins: Each of the 45 roomy and luxurious staterooms on the Ganga Vilas cruise is furnished with contemporary conveniences including air conditioning, en-suite toilets, and televisions.

2. Multi-cuisine restaurant: The ship has a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers a selection of delectable delicacies, including as traditional Indian food and global favourites.

3. Fitness center: The ship's fully-stocked fitness centre allows passengers to stay active and keep up their fitness routine.

4. Spa: With a range of spa services and treatments, visitors may unwind and revive themselves.

5. Swimming pool: During their voyage, passengers can cool off and refresh themselves in the ship's swimming pool.

6. Library and lounge area: In the library and lounge section of the ship, guests can read, unwind, and relax.

7. Yoga and meditation classes: To achieve inner harmony and balance, visitors can participate in yoga and meditation programmes.

8. Cultural performances: To discover more about Indian culture and traditions, visitors can take in live music and cultural events.

9. Shore excursions: In the beach excursions offered by the trip, passengers can learn more about the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Ganges River's towns and cities.

10. 24-hour room service: For any needs or demands, guests can take advantage of the convenience of 24-hour room service.

Route of Ganga Vilas cruise

Depending on the precise schedule and the duration of the voyage, the Ganga Vilas cruise's route may change. However, the trip will normally depart from and return to Kolkata along the Ganges River (formerly Calcutta).

Visitors will have the chance to travel to a number of Ganges River villages and cities during the tour, each with its own distinct culture and history. The following locations are a few that are frequently listed on the itinerary:

1. Kolkata: Kolkata, the state capital of West Bengal, is renowned for its colonial architecture and extensive cultural history. Typically, the cruise begins and concludes in Kolkata.

2. Farakka: This settlement is situated where the Farakka Barrage and the Ganges meet. Particularly the Farakka Barrage Temple, it is renowned for its exquisite temples.

3. Murshidabad: This ancient city, famous for its palaces, temples, and monuments, served as the Bengal Subah's former capital.

4. Matiari: This little hamlet is renowned for its traditional bell metal crafts and brassware.

5. Kalna: One of the most revered locations along the Ganges, this ancient town is noted for its 108 Shiva temples.

6. Barrackpore: This colonial-era structures and monuments can be found in this historic city on the banks of the Ganges.

7. Diamond Harbour: On the south bank of the Ganges, there is a well-liked tourist destination noted for its stunning beaches and temples.

8. Dakshineswar: The temple here is devoted to the goddess Kali, and it is a holy location on the Ganges' eastern bank.

In order to get exact information about the route and the stops, it is always preferable to check directly with the cruise line or a travel agent. It is important to keep in mind that the route and the stops can vary depending on the cruise line, the season, or the length of the trip.

Fare of ganga vilas cruise 

The cost of the Ganga Vilas cruise varies according on the season, how long the voyage will last, and the style of cabin that is reserved.

A luxury cabin, for instance, can start at about INR 40,000 per person (for twin sharing), while a presidential suite can run about INR 1,50,000 per person for a 3 nights and 4 days cruise.

The cost of the cabin, meals, and on-board entertainment and activities are typically included in the fare, which is crucial to remember.

However, it might not cover the price of shore excursions or other extras like spa services, booze, or laundry.

It is always advisable to confirm the rate with the cruise line directly or with a travel agent because they may offer unique packages, specials, or discounts that can lower the price.

Remember that the fee does not cover the cost of getting to and from the port, purchasing travel insurance, or any other incidentals like tips or souvenirs.

Who is the owner of the Gnga Vilas Cruise 

The largest river cruise in the world is owned by Raj Singh, the CEO and founder of Antara Luxury River Cruises, the company that built the ship. Raj Singh has been in this business for 15 years. Nine luxury cruises have been produced by his company so far. He is a well-known writer and environmentalist. The firm manages the maintenance, the route, and the itinerary of the cruise in addition to providing all amenities and services on board. To assure the customers' safety, comfort, and enjoyment while on the cruise, a crew of staff members also works on the ship.

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